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 How to Pick

The most important thing to remember is your Pick time!

Your pick time is posted on this site and in the depot, it is very important that you know your time to pick. This time is not negotiable there is no allowance for whether it is your day off, you are out sick or on vacation, failure to leave choices or be available during your pick time will result in you being picked for. Operators have in the past called from foreign countries on their pick time, and picked using this site as a guide! If you are forced to do this be mindful of time zone changes! If you cannot be present during your time, be sure to call  and leave choices, CHOICE SHEETS will be available throughout the depot and can be downloaded from the above link. Everyone must complete and sign a choice sheet, as this will be a record of your choices in the event of a dispute. You must use your peg number on the choice sheet. The peg number can be found on the board outside the union office. This number tells the pick committee were you are in senoirity. The peg number stays the same all year!

Have a clear idea of your choices

First look at the Bid Sheets to see what is available, write down some choices then look at the Schedules for each run that those choices work. Bids may have different runs especially those bids that have weekdays off. Make a point of looking at the schedule for each day the bid works, pay special attention to the Saturday and Sunday schedules, they are often different. Everyone has different criteria for picking runs it could be based on days off, pay hours or a particular route, please try to be realistic about the choices you leave, you probably will not get a 55 hour run with weekends off if you have only been here six months!

Be courteous during the pick

Avoid crowding around the Pick Board when it is not your time to pick, it's pointless and frustrating to be constantly looking at the boards and watching "your" runs disappear, wait until a day or two before your time before looking at the board. If you are not picking but want to look at the board anyway, wait for "off peak" times so that those involved in picking that day have some space to see the board, also this website will be updated during the pick and the pick committee will update the board outside the pick room several times throughout the day. Do not enter or call the pick room unless it is your turn to pick, there is no need to be tying up the phone or looking over the shoulder of the person picking. Be courteous and allow each operator their space and time to pick.

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